Women’s Officer Blog

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Hello, my name is Joanne Rice and I am the current Branch Women’s Officer for UNISON North Tyneside Branch.

I wanted to introduce myself to the members of the Branch and tell you a bit about myself and the job that I do, as well as letting you know how we would like more Women members to get involved in Branch activity, share ideas and discuss and raise issues that matter to women.

From working through the Covid pandemic, juggling home schooling and child care, to tackling issues such as the menopause and domestic violence, I would love to hear from our Women members who would like to get more involved, and also hear their stories and share these.

I am 46 years old and I work in the Private Care Sector, and I have experience of working in the NHS, helping out during the pandemic.  I also volunteer for Marie Curie helper service and I have raised over £3,000 doing various fundraisers.

I became Women’s Officer for the Branch as I wanted to learn more about women’s issues and tackle those issues with our fantastic members in the Branch.

International Women’s Day took place this year on 8th March, and is one of many opportunities throughout the year to celebrate the achievements of women and girls across the globe in every part of society.

The history of women’s struggles for gender equality and equal rights is long and inspiring.

Many will feel that it is hard to celebrate right now. We’ve just had two years of a traumatic pandemic that disproportionately affected women at work and at home, and over the last few weeks, a vicious invasion of Ukraine has sparked a humanitarian crisis with mostly women and children fleeing for their lives, or choosing to stay – fighting or working on the frontline.

If you would like to speak to me please get in contact with the Branch on 0191 643 8953.

Joanne Rice – Women’s Officer