Members to have their say on social worker registration changes

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Members to have their say on social worker registration changes

We’re encouraging English social worker members to complete our survey about Social Work England’s proposals for registration, professional standards, fitness to practise and education and training. The survey is anonymous and closes 12 April.

Later this year Social Work England (SWE) takes over from the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) as the regulator for social workers in England.
SWE is consulting on how it will operate – what its professional standards for social workers should be; its rules on registration and fitness to practice; its standards and rules for social worker education and training.

The main areas SWE are consulting on are:
1. Registration rules, including criteria for eligibility (including English language requirements), renewal and restoration, registration procedures and registration fees.

2. Professional standards covering standards of proficiency (the skills and expertise that social workers are required to have), standards of performance and conduct and ethics (the way that social workers are expected to work) and standards for continuing professional training and development

3. Fitness to practice rules, including standard of acceptance, caseworker allegations drafting guidance, case examiner decision making guidance, pre-hearing case management procedure and indicative sanctions guidance for hearing panels

4. Education and training rules, including criteria for the approval of courses and the role of inspectors of courses. Standards of education and training covering standards to be met by social work educational courses and training
All this is important for our members’ careers and we are encouraging English social worker members in the Local Government, Health and Community Service Groups to give their feedback on the proposals. This will shape UNISON’s response to SWE.

An email will go out to members this week and tells members that the proposals are set out in five consultation documents.  But that we have picked out the questions we think members will want to have a say on and turned them into a short survey.

Please encourage your colleagues to respond to our survey. It should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete. The survey is anonymous and closes on 12 April.

Members can give us a more detailed response if they like. Our survey ends with a link to optional surveys covering each consultation document.

Complete the survey, you can find it at;