Council and school workers pay consultation

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Despite your courage and sacrifice throughout COVID-19, council and school workers have been offered 1.75%. With inflation at 3.8%, that’s a real terms pay cut. UNISON is launching a consultation and strongly recommends members vote to reject such an unfair offer.

Care workers, refuse collectors, social workers, teaching assistants, street cleaners and so many more have gone above and beyond during the pandemic. You kept communities safe, cared for the most vulnerable, and ensured schools remained open throughout successive lockdowns.

You went out to work, so that others could stay home.

Despite this, you have been offered 1.75%. With inflation running at 3.8%, this is a real terms pay cut.

We have launched a consultation to ask members to vote whether to accept or reject the final pay offer. We strongly recommend members vote to reject this unfair offer .

UNISON is clear – council and school workers deserve a fair and proper pay rise .

Why should you vote reject?

The pay offer falls far below what council and school workers need and deserve.

Local government workers are mostly women, and are amongst the lowest paid in the country. Council and school workers have endured years of pay freezes – 25% has been wiped from the value of pay since 2010.

The final offer would provide:

  • A 1.75% pay increase (2.75% to those on the lowest pay point)
  • Completion of work on term time only arrangements
  • Discussions on homeworking and mental health joint guidance
  • Commitment to incorporate statutory provisions on neo-natal leave and pay

UNISON members have shown how indispensable you are throughout COVID-19, often putting your own health and safety at risk to continue to provide services.

We recommend members vote to reject this unfair offer .

What members need to do

Your branch or region will be in touch to ask for your vote. Look out for an email from them. The exact date your branch will contact you will vary throughout the UK but keep your eyes peeled throughout September.

1.Check your details now

Most branches will consult members over email – that’s why it’s so important your membership details are up to date. Make sure you check your email is correct now

Update your details online here

It is vital that we get a high turnout in the vote. We want to hear from everyone – every role, every workplace, every pay band.

2. Get involved

A range of useful materials are available to help you to tell your members and colleagues about the pay consultation:

It’s vital all members have their say.

3. Recruit your colleagues

It’s important to use this as an opportunity to reach out to council and school workers that aren’t members of UNISON yet – they care about their pay too. They can join online, it takes 5 minutes.

Join online