Christmas Message from UNISON North Tyneside

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2020 will certainly be one that’ll live long in the memory and the Christmas period has proved no different. Covid-19 has dominated the news and the restrictions on our lives and freedom have led to lots of doom and gloom.

There have been some bright spots and rays of sunshine over the course of the year and these centre around the incredible hard work of our essential staff. Every Thursday, we stood on our doorsteps and clapped, hit pans and rang bells for initially our NHS staff but this quickly turned into a wider appreciation of all our essential workers.

At branch level, we have supported lots of our members to feel safe at work and ensure that proper risk assessments have been followed. What all this meant, it that our essential workers were able to support people in our local community to the best of their abilities.

We all have hope that 2021 will prove to be very different as the roll out of the vaccine begins but that’s also been hit with a dose of reality following the discovery of a new strain of the virus and further restrictions imposed on parts of the country.

We won’t forget the effort of our essential workers and UNISON nationally has ran a campaign stating there should be no going back to normal. We want public services rebuilt, workers given a deserved pay rise and a fairer and greener post-Covid society.

A message from our Branch Secretary:

“To our members, for the extra efforts that you’ve put in to get us through this difficult year.

It’s been tricky not being together for most of the year, with little opportunity to share, laugh and scream together, but I just wanted to say before you go off for the holidays ‘thanks, for all that you do’.

I look forward to the progress we’ll make together, as we move into what we all hope will be a better and brighter new year.

Have a good break, enjoy the time with your loved ones, rest and recharge, but most of all enjoy the peace. 😊”

Council Matters: A poem for Local Council Unsung Heroes

Renowned Poet Tony Walsh was commissioned by APSE to create a very special poem in thanks to all the unsung heroes in Local Government who have worked on the frontline, and behind the scenes, as officers and as councillors, to support our communities throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic. We are sure you will agree ‘Council Matters’ is a wonderful way to celebrate the local government family at this time of year, after all of the hard work in 2020. Please share the poem on social media and tag @apseevents @LongfellaPoet and #CouncilMatters.

You can click here to listen to the poem.