Unison is a firm believer in the benefits of education for all it’s members, activists, stewards and officers and promotes a range of training and educational courses that are accessible to all.

Within our Branch our Learning Rep is Angela Wood-Smith who will be able to support you with enquiries about your learning needs.

Below is a summary of what Angela does;

What does a Union Learning Representative Do?

  • Raise awareness of lifelong learning issues in the workplace
  • Identify and bring forward learning needs of union members
  • Liaise with employers on lifelong learning opportunities in the workplace
  • Recruit new members through learning and encourage existing members to become more involved in UNISON via their interest in learning
  • Discuss learning and development opportunities with union members and supporting those on courses
  • Provide information on courses and learning
  • Represent and negotiate on behalf of members around issues linked with learning

How do ULR’s work?

  • We are part of a branch team that co-ordinates the approach to workplace learning
  • We are part of a regional team that organises and delivers learning for union members across different sites and on varied subjects
  • We receive information on courses planned for delivery and can give details to members of other opportunities, for example Bridges to Learning (partnership with the Open University)
  • We offer information about vocational training, but also courses that develop confidence, skills and knowledge that can help in everyday life
  • We can meet you to discuss your needs and research whether any provision can be found in the local area

More information on the learning opportunities within the region can be found here