2020 NJC Pay claim

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Dear member,

to confirm, at the end of the recent negotiations with the employers’ side, in response to their 2% offer, unions asked them to go away and come back with another offer.

The employers’ side secretary said they would take this back to a full employers’ side meeting.

We are now aware that the employers’ side have decided to go back and consult with their regions, and are holding a series of regional meetings over the next few weeks.

We have expressed our concerns over this additional delay.


On a related note, I would draw your attention to a news release that went out last week, publicising UNISON’s research that shows that if the government were to fund meeting our pay claim in full, they would recoup around half the costs. The report itself can be read here: https://www.unison.org.uk/content/uploads/2020/02/Public-Finances-Local-Gov-Pay-Claim-202021.pdf.


Colleagues are encouraged to read the contents of this report, and speak to their local councillors and lead officers to ensure their support of our campaign.


Debbie Lydon, Branch Secretary